Beyond the busy beaches, Djerba’s main appeal lies in its ancient architecture and its strong historic identity as a fortress island.


Just 7 Km from Houmd Souk, lies the snow white village of Erriadh with its historic Medina's labyrinth of narrow passageways, Bougainvillea filled courtyards and hidden alcoves. 

Upon entering, one feels like stepping back in time: goats roam freely, locals dress in traditional tunics and donkey carts clatter along cobblestone roads. 

Jewish people have lived here (Hara Seghira /small ghetto) since 586 BC, just after the destruction of King Soloman’s temple in Jerusalem. 

The synagogue El Ghriba is one of the oldest in the world and an important place of pilgrimage. These days Muslims and Jews live peacefully side-by-side and religion plays an important role in village life.

How to get there:

By Air:
Djerba/Zarzis International Airport. Regular scheduled flights from most European capitals and North America to Tunis with 3 daily flights Tunis-Djerba. 

From Airport:
Safran will arrange for a private transfer. 

By Car:
One can rent a car but it is easier and less expensive to use taxis for local transport. A taxi from Erriadh to Houmd Souk costs approximately 4 TD. Personal drivers are also available through our concierge service.

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